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Garbage Collection Changes 
The way we sort, set out and collect waste is changing. The City will provide all single-unit and some multi-unit homes with a garbage cart, a food scraps cart and a food scraps pail. Delivery of carts has begun and will be complete in August 2021. Learn more about the Edmonton Cart Rollout here.

Bus Route Changes
Edmonton’s new bus network launches April 25, 2021 and will connect you to where you need to go on more direct routes. Learn more about the Bus Network Redesign here.

Upcoming Events

Community Spring Clean Up

It's time for our annual community Spring clean up event! AGCL would like to host our community Spring Clean Up on Saturday April 24, from 10-12pm.

We are looking for households to volunteer their time to help clean up garbage that has collected over the winter, including the fields by Vernon Barford and Westbrook school, around the community hall, streets, alleys and other green spaces throughout Aspen Gardens and Westbrook.

EVERYONE must maintain proper social distancing, with at least 2m of space between others, and only members of a household may pick together.


In order to help keep things organized and to adhere to social distancing guidelines, we are asking interested households to email: communications@aspengardens.ca to register. We will be assigning certain areas to some households to help ensure proper distancing (e.g., green space around the community hall). We will be providing garbage bags and gloves at the community hall on Sat Apr 24 (between 10am-12pm). But we recommend bringing your own gloves to help reduce waste. Return your garbage bag to the hall before noon. Hoping to see some new faces out this year!

Stay Tuned....

  • Aspen/Westbrook Soccer (possible June/July season)
  • Move It to Improve It! (an active community challenge & competition)
  • Big Bin
  • Fruit Forest Planting
  • Hot Rides in the Hood
  • Green Shack
  • Summer Food Truck evenings

***more details to follow for each event, and all will be dependent on AHS restrictions in place at the time.