Due to COVID and recent restrictions, there are important changes for us to share with you regarding skating on the community rinks. Please note these are public health guidelines that we MUST follow as a community.
      • There is a maximum capacity of 10 people on each ice surface. If it is too busy, please come back and skate another time. If you are a family already skating, please be mindful of the time spent on the ice and allow room (time) for others to enjoy it as well.
      • Absolutely no sticks and pucks will be allowed on ANY ice surface. Shinny, hockey or any pick up games are NOT allowed.
      • ONLY free skating is permitted.
      • The boot room will remain closed due to COVID.
      • Please see this document for more information: RINK GUIDELINES AND QR CODE
      • Rink hours will be 330-9pm.
Please help us keep the rinks open and keep our community safe by following these guidelines. Non-adherence to these guidelines will result in the rinks being closed immediately for the Winter 2020/2021 season.