Registration for the 2022 Outdoor Soccer Season is Now Open!

Aspen Gardens is pleased to announce that we have re-engaged with SWEMSA (South-West Edmonton Soccer Association), and we are ready to accept registrations for the coming season.

The registration deadline is the 28th of February, but since the re-integration process took a bit longer than hoped there will be some leniency to this deadline and no overdue fees will be charged as long as the registration is completed relatively soon.  That being said, please sign up as soon as possible to secure your child’s spot for the season.

Important: Please note that as you go through the registration process, you will be able to select Aspen Gardens as your community, but because the setup for Aspen Gardens in the SWEMSA site is not yet complete your child will be assigned to the Greenfield community.  The registration will be transferred to Aspen Gardens before the season begins when the system is properly setup.

Step 1 – Register Online

To register your child, please visit the EMSA Soccer Portal and follow the links.

  • If your child(ren) have played indoor or outdoor soccer recently, you simply need to log into your household account in the EMSA Soccer Portal and complete your outdoor registration. Otherwise you will need to create a household account.
  • Each family will need a 2021/22 Community League Membership Card valid until August 31, 2022.  Membership cards can be purchased online at or by contacting
  • When completing the online registration, remember to enter the first/last name of any friend or coach requests in the appropriate sections.  We will do our best to accommodate based on SWEMSA’s team formation policy. If there is any information you don’t want to put on the form (player or coach conflicts), or if you need any corrections made, please let me know so we have everything we need to place your child appropriately.

Step 2 – Gather your supporting documents

After your online registration is complete, gather together the following documents and cheques:

  1. Print a copy of your completed player registration form (one for each player).
  2. Registration Fees (one of the following):
    • If you did not pay online, provide a cheque payable to Aspen Gardens Community League with a current date, or
    • If you have applied for funding (Kidsport or Jumpstart), include a copy of the application or the confirmation e-mail with the application number.
  3. Volunteer/Jersey Deposit Chequefor $200.00 payable to Aspen Community League, post-dated to June 30, 2022 (no cash accepted). The Volunteer/Jersey Deposit cheque will be destroyed at the end of the season if you return your child’s jersey (for U9-U19) and complete your volunteer commitment.
  4. A copy of your 2021/22 Community League Membership Card
  5. If this is the first time registering your child(ren), include proof of each child’s birth date(copy of Alberta Health Care card, Birth Certificate or Passport), and Proof of address (copy of Driver’s License or Utility Bill).

Step 3 – Deliver your documents to the SWEMSA office

After your online registration is complete, to finish your soccer registration you must either drop off the documents to the SWEMSA office (#211, 11 Fairway Drive NW) or by email to

  • Deliver your document/cheques in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and the name of your community (Aspen Gardens) to the office of the Southwest Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (SWEMSA) at:

Attention: Aspen Soccer
#211, 11 Fairway Drive
Edmonton AB, T6J 2W4

Click here for a map:

The mail slot located on the 2nd floor is open from 8:15am to 6:00pm, Monday – Friday.

Looking for Financial Assistance?

There is help is available through the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program and Kidsport Canada for those that need financial help for their child to participate in organized soccer.  If you are applying for financial assistance, complete the online application BEFORE completing your registration.  You also need to provide a copy of your confirmation of application with your registration documents.

Registration is not considered complete until the online application is completed, payment and deposit cheques are received and required paperwork is confirmed.  

For more information on registering your child for the 2022 Outdoor Soccer Season, please visit SWEMSA’s registration page at  

Calling all Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers!

We are always on the look-out for Coaches and Assistant Coaches.  Without these volunteers, our soccer program could not exist.  Training is available for those who have not coached before.  If you select Coach, Assistant Coach or Team Manager as your volunteer option for the season, please remember to also complete a Team Official registration from the dashboard of your household account.  Thank you in advance for your commitment to providing the best soccer experience for the children of our community!

If you have any questions regarding the registration process or the 2022 outdoor soccer season, please feel free to contact me by email:

Looking forward to getting back out on the field!