Community Sandbox Program Changes

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We want to inform all Edmonton community leagues in advance about upcoming changes with the City’s Community Sandbox Program. This information is being provided so that you can plan, prepare and inform league members and network contacts as needed prior to these changes, which will take effect over the next two winter seasons.

What is Changing?
2023-24 Winter Season

  • Most sandboxes will remain where they are currently located (approximately 700). Sandboxes are part of the Active Pathways Priority 3 service level, which are currently responded to within 14 days following a snow event.
  • Large sand bins will be located at select Eco Stations and recreation facilities, as well as in front of roadway maintenance yards.
  • A small number of less utilized community sandboxes will be removed.
  • Please visit for a list of the large bin locations and a current map of all sandboxes.

2024-25 Winter Season

  • Approximately 600 small sandboxes across Edmonton will be removed.
  • The remaining 100 sandbox locations will be redistributed more evenly to ensure equitable access from residential areas.
  • Large sand bins will continue, with the number of locations expected to change or expand to other sites, if space and access permits.

Please note that the final sandbox locations for 2024-25 have not yet been confirmed. If your league’s sandbox is scheduled for moving or removal, you will be notified prior to the end of June 2024. Removal and redistribution of boxes will take place over the summer of 2024.

Why are These Changes Being Made?

Public engagement with residents and stakeholders in 2023 helped inform these changes. Engagement results are summarized in the What We Heard Report and the Public Opinion Research Summary, both available on These changes align with the City’s efforts to introduce operational measures that will reallocate resources to priority areas and services:

  • Equipment and staff time from the Community Sandbox Program will be reallocated to provide more support for priority Snow and Ice Control services for Active Pathways, reducing service level timelines.
  • The Community Sandbox Program will transition to having fewer but more centralized locations of sandboxes that are evenly distributed across neighbourhoods, to allow for more equitable access for residents.
  • Some sandbox locations will have space for larger bins to ensure more sand is available for communities and to allow for faster refilling.

By providing larger, centralized sand bin locations, as well as more evenly distributing community sandbox locations across Edmonton, we are ensuring that a source of sand is available to those who need it, no matter where they live. Residents are also welcome to visit any retailer to purchase their own supply of sand. Bags of sand (sometimes also called traction sand) are often sold at hardware stores, some convenience stores and gas stations.

Interested in Maintaining Your own On-Site Sandbox?

We recognize that community leagues may wish to keep and maintain their own sandbox. If your league is interested in maintaining your own sandbox, please complete this request form to let the City know.

Any sandboxes no longer maintained by the City will be repainted to remove 311 messaging and distributed to those leagues who want them. Leagues who do not currently have a sandbox but would like to have their own box can also complete the request form. Refilling the sandbox, including any costs and work associated with sandbox maintenance or replacement, will become the responsibility of the community league.

For questions, please contact the Project Team by email: