January 2018 Newsletter

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Aspen News is published ten times a year from September through June and is chalk full of great community information including upcoming social events, all ages programming, and fun sporting opportunities.  Open it up and have a look.  We know you’ll find something just for you!

Want to receive an electronic version of the newsletter?  Simply send an email to the Communications Director at communications@aspengardens.ca and include your street address so that we don’t duplicate with a print copy of the newsletter.

Individuals who do not request an electronic version of the newsletter will receive a print copy, however, we encourage an environmental approach in trying to limit our use of paper.  An electronic version will also ensure you receive all important community announcements that arise in between publications.

Submission Deadline

The submission deadline for the newsletter is the 20th of each month.  All materials should be submitted to the Communications Director at communications@aspengardens.ca

Guest Writers

Story ideas, thoughts, and comments are always welcome and can be sent to the editor at communications@aspengardens.ca.


We currently do not accept advertising in the newsletter.