South West Edmonton Farmers’ Market

Think of the market as more than simply the best place to find freshly prepared food and wonderfully ripe, fresh fruits and vegetables… think of it as a community gathering place: a place where the community spirit comes alive, where you can experience great beauty, where you can connect with friends, family and neighbours, where you can help to support the local economy and where you can nourish your family with the freshest produce and wonderfully scrumptious, nutrient-dense foods.

The Southwest Edmonton Farmers’ Market is an outdoor, seasonal market, so while you may not find an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies on its first market day, you will find plenty of other things to amuse and entice you. Did you know that you can buy bedding plants and wonderful planters at your local market? Plan to come and check them out while grabbing a bite to eat at a food truck with your family. There is always lots of fun things happening at your community market.

Terwillegar Recreation Centre
On the corner of 23rd Avenue and Leger Road
CLOSED for the Winter.  See you back in the Spring.

If you drive by or are heading to the gym or the arena, be sure to stop in for some wonderfully fresh produce, some creative crafts, and jewellery, some artfully prepared food… or for a quick meal at a food truck. You will find terrific things in store for you there!

Keep up to date on your community market’s happenings and announcements by going to the Southwest Edmonton Farmers’ Market website at or its Facebook Page at or follow your market on Twitter @SWEdmFarmersMkt